Flatshare Birmingham

Flatshare Birmingham Rules Worth Remembering

Flatshare in Birmingham defined

Living in any flatshare Birmingham offers the perfect opportunity for meeting new people. It also allows those sharing a flat to save the money they would have spent on living expenses. They do this by sharing some of the expenses. However, its common knowledge that many tenants sharing a flat often have problems with each other. Some of the most common problems encountered with this arrangement include:

  • space invasions
  • noisy nights
  • messy situations
  • disorderliness

Laying out the rules by which to live by is a great way for avoiding some of these problems.

Asking all the flatmates to sign an agreement would help in keeping the peace between them.

So, what rules should the people sharing a flat in Birmingham live by?

Maintain Safety and Security

First, everybody should take their safety and security seriously. Without these, the people sharing the Birmingham flat would be unable to live together amicably. For example, flatmates must agree to lock the doors every time somebody steps outside or enters the flat. Any person who opens any window in the flat must ensure that its properly locked when closing it. All house keys must be protected and never given to people who do not live in the flat.

Label All Foods and Drinks

Food and drinks have been the cause of many fights among people in the flatshare Birmingham arrangement. Its worth reminding everybody of the importance of buying and labeling their own food and drinks. Any food or drink that isnt labeled correctly is up for grabs. Each refrigerator shelf together with the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen must be assigned to a specific person in the flat.

Establish a Noise Curfew

Knowing what to do about the noise, which is guaranteed in a house full of many people, is a good step. Setting a noise curfew that everybody has to adhere to is highly advisable. Do not entertain any kind of noise in the flatshare Birmingham past 10pm each night. Before then, all types of noise are permissible but only if they are within specific levels. Avoid loud music and guests past the time all of you agreed on.

Maintain Cleanliness

Cleanliness, or lack thereof, can lead to plenty of disagreements, animosity and hostility between people sharing a Birmingham flat. In any Flatshare Birmingham, there will always be private and public space. Public spaces include the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Whoever messes any public space must clean it immediately. Its inconvenient and annoying for a flatmate to clean up after another one. All private and public spaces must be spotlessly clean.


5 Tips for Excelling in Event Photography

Any person who provides event photography services is always ready to receive calls from clients at any time. The services they offer are in great demand. Some people provide these services as a hobby. Others do it professionally to earn a living. Both groups can excel at what they do. The secret is to learn and implement the tips that take you from an ordinary to an extraordinary photographer.

Below are the tips you should implement to excel at this kind of work.

Dress Up

First, never leave your home or office without dressing up for the event. Dressing up shows your clients that you care about their events. Clients, and the guests they are entertaining at their event, should never feel as if you dont belong. Wear the right outfit just like everybody else if you expect to mingle with them freely without getting some awkward glances. So, begin investing in some good attire.

Dress well. Over-dress if necessary. But, never report for work while underdressed.

Arrive Before the Event Commences or Guests Arrive

Always arrive at the venue of the event before it begins. Photographers who do this get the opportunity to take pre-event shots. Take shots of the venue before the event commences and guests start arriving. Take shots during the event, as that is the main reason you were hired. Take shots after the event too. Do not be the first to leave. Shots taken before guests arrive might be of great interest to the event planner thus likely to bring in more business your way.

Take Photos Quickly

In event photography, the name of the game is speed. You cannot afford to be slack. Things happen quickly. Moments worth capturing change all the time. Know your equipment well. Master it in advance to avoid struggling when some memorable events or activities happen. Know the number of frames to take, especially when capturing photos of your clients and guests with the same pose. Use DSLR when taking photos at a panel discussion.

Edit All Your Work

Never deliver unedited work to clients. Remember this, not all photos or shots taken are worth delivering to clients. Some clients wouldnt mind all the photos. But, your reputation as a quality event photographer depends on the quality of the photos taken. As you edit, you may discover that half the photos you took arent worth delivering. Do not hesitate to remove them. Deliver nothing except the cream of the crop to your clients.

Do Not Take Too Many Photos

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Likewise, too many photos will only create more confusion. Taking unnecessary photos is a bad idea. Your goal is to take quality and amazing photos. Clicking the camera away at each and every activity taking place might annoy some of the guests. Your clients would never call you for more work if you keep annoying their guests. Unhappy guests make for an unhappy event and nobody wants th

Man and Van

Why Man and Van Services are better than Large Moving Companies

Why Use Man and Van London Services

As long as you pick the right group of people providing man and van services, you will have no need for feeling sick to the stomach. Your choice of service provider also determines whether you save as much money as you originally envisaged. Many people prefer hiring large moving companies for their removal skills. What they dont know are the numerous benefits they stand to get by working closely with those who provide man and van services.

So, why should you hire man and van services instead of large moving companies?

A Cost-Effective Solution

First, these services are more cost effective than large moving companies. The reason for this is the former have fewer overheads to worry about. Consequently, they pass on these benefits (the fewer overheads) on to you. Large moving companies will always charge more because of the multiple overheads they have to contend with. As a rational person, would you rather pay more or less for the same moving or removal services?

Highly Personalized Services

Man and van service providers know that they compete with large moving companies. They do their best to provide a level of service that you can never get from large moving companies. They personalize their services. They are more intimate or personal with their clients compared to the large operators. They never hesitate to bend over backwards to please you. After all, they want you to return to or refer them to other clients.

To enjoy these benefits, always choose a contractor who is:

  • well experienced
  • knowledgeable
  • extensively experienced in handling office or home removals
  • adequately and appropriately insured
  • Ideal for Small Jobs

Man and van services are best for people who need small removals at home or in the office. They are not for people and businesses that require large removals. The small services they provide warrant small insurance covers. Again, the service providers pass this benefit on to clients. Large companies, on the other hand, charge a premium for their services because they have to pay huge insurance covers. Otherwise, they would be out of business if they charge low rates.

The best man and van services are capable of handling more tasks apart from house and office removals. Some of these include office relocations, business relocations, and company shifting. What this means is you have as much leeway as you need in choosing the right service. You only have to do a bit of research to identify the best group or team that provides the sort of services that you need.

Therefore, choose Man and Van London services today instead of large moving firms.

Fashion Photography

Things You Should Never Forget While Taking Fashion Photography Outdoors

History shows that 1856 was the first time photos of a hot woman wearing fashionable clothes were shot. Since then, fashion photography has grown in leaps and bounds. It remains one of the most progressive as well as highly rewarding industries in photography. It now involves some of the best cameras and photographers willing to take great risks to make a name for themselves in such a highly competitive industry.

Fashion photography involves taking photos indoors and outdoors.

What should you never forget while taking fashion photography outdoors?

Know the Location Well in Advance

First, always familiarize yourself with the location. Make sure you know the location inside out. How effective your work turns out depends on many factors. The choice of location ranks as one of the top factors determining the effectiveness and quality of your work. Take a day or two specifically before the event to not only explore but also familiarize yourself with the location. Mark the parts of the location you consider ideal for taking actual fashion photos. s

Choose the Right Time for Taking Photos

As you may be aware, outdoor photography depends on several things to turn out well. Mainly, it depends on the time you intend to take the photos. Choose the right time for taking the shots. The right time differs from one photographer to the next. How much light do you need for the photos? How do you want the photos to appear? These are some of the questions you need to ask before settling on any specific time.

Be Careful With Your Choice of Background

The background is just as important as choice of location and time. Take your time before settling on what you consider the best background for your photos. Evaluate the place before visualizing the kind of frame you need. The colors should remain in contrast. Your subject should not be camouflaged. The model wearing the fashionable clothes or accessories should always remain the highlight of the shots.

Choice of background can either make or break your photos.

Use Ambient and Flash Light Together

Never hesitate to use flashlight and ambient. Do not be afraid to try new techniques. Do not hesitate to step out and away from your comfort zone. One way of creating the best affects you need for all your shots is by using flash light and ambient together. The sunlight too is a great tool to use. The sunlight, model and flash light are the three tools you need to use well to create rim light effect, and give each of your photos a unique quality and identity.

Implement these tips and see your outdoor fashion photography business go a level higher.

Professional Cleaning

Do you Need End of Tenancy Cleaning London Services?

Why You Need End of Tenancy Cleaning Service and how it benefits You

While the standard tenancy agreement places the responsibility of the end of tenancy cleaning on the tenant, it does not always go accordingly. Some tenants will leave without notice or bothering to clean up. Some do not just care to collect the tenancy deposit. As a landlord, the chore of tenancy cleaning must then be done to ready the house for the next tenant. As a landlord you clearly need professional end of tenancy cleaning London services from time to time. Why engage these services rather than keep an in-house staff?

Save on costs

As a landlord, yours is to manage property not to manage labour and related issues. It is more economical to engage professional cleaning crews from time to time rather than keep a permanent staff. You will not have to buy cleaning equipment and materials. This will save on costs that would have gone to these expenditures.

Timely jobs

The steady flow of rental income depends on how fast rental units are occupied after they are vacated. This will in turn depend on how fast the units are prepared for occupation. Only a professional cleaning crew can do extensive end of tenancy cleaning in good time. This is will keep your money coming in steadily.

Perfect jobs

As much as you want the cleaning job to be fast, you want a well done job. This is because prospective tenants with a keen eye can tell a shoddy job when they see one. By engaging an end of tenancy cleaning London service, you are guaranteed that a proper job will be done. This will not only make your units more attractive, but has the potential to fetch more rents as the tenants compete to get the units.

Better guarantees

Repeat jobs cost money. If you engage an unprofessional service to do the end of tenancy cleaning, it is very likely that the job will not be done satisfactorily, forcing a repeat job. A professional cleaning crew on the other hand, will do the job right the first time. This saves both time and money.

Less hassle

It can be quite a hassle supervising work on several units at once. This can be avoided by engaging a professional cleaning crew. With a cleaning crew, this chore is taken off your to-do list. The crew will have done this several times so they need less supervision.

A professional end of tenancy cleaning London service can make your work easier, bring in more tenants and rental income.

London Cleaning

5 Questions to Ask Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

When moving out you will need to satisfy the landlord that the house has been properly cleaned to get your tenancy deposit back. A shoddy job will lead to the landlord raising a dispute, cutting part of your deposit to cater for proper cleaning and delayed payment. Having a professional end of tenancy cleaning service on the job ensures it is done right the first time. When engaging a cleaning service, there are issues you should get clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

What is off-limits?

Ask about the tasks that the cleaning service considers off-limits. Some services will not handle human waste for example. Most cleaning services will not handle hazardous waste that requires special handling. Some will refuse to do cleaning that involves lifting heavy items.  You should get this clarification to avoid a dispute over incomplete work. If the off-limit tasks are very restricting, choose a different cleaning service.

What preparations are needed?

Check if the cleaning service will need any equipment or cleaning material from you. Usually, the cleaning service will come equipped and loaded with cleaning materials.  Ask in case the cleaning crew needs some items that could cause a delay on the job.

Who needs to be around?

Typically, a cleaning crew will do a proper job unsupervised. However, if you are not ok with leaving strangers in the house, you can be around when the cleaning is going on. Being around is also advantageous in that you can tick off tasks as they are completed. Any issues over the scope of work are also immediately resolved.

What if the job is unsatisfactory?

Ask what remedy measures the cleaning service has in case you are not pleased with the job.  How can you raise a complaint in case that happens? Who will be responsible for repeating the job if that is needed? How fast will the repeat job get done?

Setting the ground rules helps avoid misunderstandings and loss of time and money. A poorly done job will leave with a dispute from the landlord, which will most likely lead to your tenancy deposit getting used for a repeat job.

Getting answers to these questions can help you set the right terms with your professional tenancy cleaning london. It also ensures that you get the cleaning done in the right way which can stand keen inspection. If you are moving out in a hurry and need the tenancy deposit, having professional end of tenancy cleaners on the job saves you time and money.

Photography Tools

Top 9 Photography Tools to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

There are good photos and then there are amazingly good photos. It requires good photography skills to shoot good photos. It requires good skills and the use of good tools to shoot amazingly good photos. If you want to shoot photos like the pros, there are basic photography tools to have at hand. Learn to use them properly and you will soon be in the big leagues.

Studio backgrounds

Studio backgrounds adds versatility to your photography. There are 3 basic colors for studio backgrounds; white, black, grey. White and black studio backgrounds will readily work with all other colors to make a very versatile shoot. Green is ideal if you intend to apply digital effects when editing.

Adobe suite software

The Adobe family of photography software is a must have for professional photo editing. The most useful packages are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. You can purchase the packages you need according to your budget. There is also Adobe Photoshop Elements which is a lite version of the whole suite.

To make your editing even easier, go for presets, actions and plugins. These are very useful when applying digital affects for example sepia tones, HDR effects, and black and white and so on. You can also create your own presets.

Custom lighting solutions

Lighting accessories are very useful when shooting sets like portrait photography, modeling or even wedding photos.

External Flash

An external flash can be very useful when shooting in less than optimal light.

On camera flash diffuser

A flash diffuser helps spread light evenly such that the skin tone comes out flawless and avoids splotches of brightness which is common in very bright light. Diffusers come in plastic or material. The latter have an advantage for being flexible on different camera flash units.

Color management charts

When working with different devices like the scanner, camera, and computer monitor, color management during workflow can be a bit of a challenge. A color management chart helps achieve a uniform color tone. You can use an 18% grey card to match skin tone and color.


A tripod is an absolute necessity when shooting with a heavy rig. A tripod that has a joystick is even more convenient as it can replace the work of 3 different levers and controls.

A website

A professional website is very essential in showcasing your portfolio. You will also have to work on your social media networks to funnel visitors to the site.

There are tens of accessories you can acquire in photography but the above tools will set you on the path to being a true photography pro.

Digital Photography

Top 9 Digital Photography Tricks for Beginners

Everyone is a budding photographer. The smartphone and Instagram filters have enabled good photography by the average phone user. However, a true photographer must learn the art of the camera. The digital camera is the basic tool for today’s photographer.  If you are looking to winning a few awards in your photography path, here are some few tips to muster.

  1. Take steady shots

Blurry photos are the mark of the beginner.  The trick lies in knowing how to handle the camera. You should hold it with both hands, close to the body. One hand should be around the body and the other around the lens. Your shutter speed should match the focal length of the camera. For example, a 100mm lens should be matched by a shutter speed of 1/100th a second. Stabilize the camera with a tripod whenever you can and where you can find a static object like a tree or a wall for support.

  1. Use the 1/3 rule

The 1/3 rule is where you divide your frame into 9 grids by imagining two vertical parallel lines evenly spaced dividing the frame, and another two parallel lines running horizontally and diving the frame. Always try to place the highlight of the photo in one third so that the eye can wander the whole frame evenly.

  1. Sunny 16 rule

When shooting outdoors, using the sunny 16 rule enables you to shoot photos that are neither over-exposed nor underexposed. If you are using ISO 100 set your aperture to f/16 and shutter speed to 1/100th of a second.

  1. Simple backgrounds

You want the eye to be drawn to the focal point of the photo. Use simple backgrounds that are neutral colored and plain where possible. If shooting outdoors, avoid object that draw the eye in the background.

  1. The right ISO

ISO settings determine the fineness of the grain and how sensitive the photo is to light. In darker light use higher ISO for example, 400, and in daylight use ISO 100.

  1. Using the flash

Do not use flash indoors if there is another source of light. Push the ISO up for example to 1600 and open the lens as wide as possible, for example f/1.8, to capture the available light.

  1. Create motion

If you want to capture an object in motion and show it, choose a shutter speed two steps slower. For example for 1/250 you would set 1/60. Follow the object when taking the photo.

  1. Use the polarizing filter

Using a polarizing filter reduces reflection from reflective surfaces like glass or water. You can leave it on to allow the camera to use through the lens auto metering.

  1. Different shuttle speeds

Play around with shuttle speeds to sharpen your skills in capturing moving objects.