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5 Questions to Ask Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

When moving out you will need to satisfy the landlord that the house has been properly cleaned to get your tenancy deposit back. A shoddy job will lead to the landlord raising a dispute, cutting part of your deposit to cater for proper cleaning and delayed payment. Having a professional end of tenancy cleaning service on the job ensures it is done right the first time. When engaging a cleaning service, there are issues you should get clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

What is off-limits?

Ask about the tasks that the cleaning service considers off-limits. Some services will not handle human waste for example. Most cleaning services will not handle hazardous waste that requires special handling. Some will refuse to do cleaning that involves lifting heavy items.  You should get this clarification to avoid a dispute over incomplete work. If the off-limit tasks are very restricting, choose a different cleaning service.

What preparations are needed?

Check if the cleaning service will need any equipment or cleaning material from you. Usually, the cleaning service will come equipped and loaded with cleaning materials.  Ask in case the cleaning crew needs some items that could cause a delay on the job.

Who needs to be around?

Typically, a cleaning crew will do a proper job unsupervised. However, if you are not ok with leaving strangers in the house, you can be around when the cleaning is going on. Being around is also advantageous in that you can tick off tasks as they are completed. Any issues over the scope of work are also immediately resolved.

What if the job is unsatisfactory?

Ask what remedy measures the cleaning service has in case you are not pleased with the job.  How can you raise a complaint in case that happens? Who will be responsible for repeating the job if that is needed? How fast will the repeat job get done?

Setting the ground rules helps avoid misunderstandings and loss of time and money. A poorly done job will leave with a dispute from the landlord, which will most likely lead to your tenancy deposit getting used for a repeat job.

Getting answers to these questions can help you set the right terms with your professional tenancy cleaning london. It also ensures that you get the cleaning done in the right way which can stand keen inspection. If you are moving out in a hurry and need the tenancy deposit, having professional end of tenancy cleaners on the job saves you time and money.