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Photography Tools

Top 9 Photography Tools to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

There are good photos and then there are amazingly good photos. It requires good photography skills to shoot good photos. It requires good skills and the use of good tools to shoot amazingly good photos. If you want to shoot photos like the pros, there are basic photography tools to have at hand. Learn to use them properly and you will soon be in the big leagues.

Studio backgrounds

Studio backgrounds adds versatility to your photography. There are 3 basic colors for studio backgrounds; white, black, grey. White and black studio backgrounds will readily work with all other colors to make a very versatile shoot. Green is ideal if you intend to apply digital effects when editing.

Adobe suite software

The Adobe family of photography software is a must have for professional photo editing. The most useful packages are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. You can purchase the packages you need according to your budget. There is also Adobe Photoshop Elements which is a lite version of the whole suite.

To make your editing even easier, go for presets, actions and plugins. These are very useful when applying digital affects for example sepia tones, HDR effects, and black and white and so on. You can also create your own presets.

Custom lighting solutions

Lighting accessories are very useful when shooting sets like portrait photography, modeling or even wedding photos.

External Flash

An external flash can be very useful when shooting in less than optimal light.

On camera flash diffuser

A flash diffuser helps spread light evenly such that the skin tone comes out flawless and avoids splotches of brightness which is common in very bright light. Diffusers come in plastic or material. The latter have an advantage for being flexible on different camera flash units.

Color management charts

When working with different devices like the scanner, camera, and computer monitor, color management during workflow can be a bit of a challenge. A color management chart helps achieve a uniform color tone. You can use an 18% grey card to match skin tone and color.


A tripod is an absolute necessity when shooting with a heavy rig. A tripod that has a joystick is even more convenient as it can replace the work of 3 different levers and controls.

A website

A professional website is very essential in showcasing your portfolio. You will also have to work on your social media networks to funnel visitors to the site.

There are tens of accessories you can acquire in photography but the above tools will set you on the path to being a true photography pro.